My most prized possessions are the pictures of my family that adorn my home. These pictures span multiple generations and evoke memories and emotions that fill me with joy. THIS is why I am a photographer, because I want to create images that bring my clients joy.

My photography focuses on capturing magic

I want to capture your moments as they happen. The smiles, laughs, work in progress and more is what your life is made of – let’s enhance and capture those moments and have a bit of fun while we do it! At the same time, I remember being a young mom who clipped $6 coupons from a big studio and prayed that everything would work out in that tiny room. Then, I would get hit with sticker stock when it was time to actually purchase those images! That’s why I offer affordable packages with MULTIPLE images and regular sales! I want pictures to be affordable to every family – not just a luxury.

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