Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

Santa and Children Set up for Fine Art Style portraits

Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

I love Christmas, as a little girl I would watch out the window to see if he would be visible on Christmas Eve. When I lived in Florida, I would dream every year for a Christmas miracle – snow.  Now, living in Colorado and getting to fully embrace all of the beauty of the holiday season – I’m a bit like Buddy the Elf. I love being able to bring Santa and offer Santa Minis in Colorado Springs to MAJECK clients.

About the Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

I love this set up so much that I have decided to actually offer two different styles of photos for the Santa Minis in Colorado Springs. The two styles I have chosen for these photos are a Fine Arts Style and Portrait Style. Both styles are amazing in different ways, depending on how you like your photos to look. Fine Arts Style is a painted effect with beautiful soft images. Think of Christmas cards of old. The Portrait is my basic studio portrait option still magical, just a little less whimsy!

To book a Santa Mini Session please click  Book A Santa Mini

What do both Santa Minis in Colorado Springs include?

-Each session is 15-20 minutes.
-Only two sessions per hour to allow cleaning the set and disinfecting between clients.
-Santa will be sharing Christmas cookies with each participant
-Each booking will include a Christmas ornament and 3 images.
-Pre purchased print and card options will also be available. This represents a savings and will cost more at Gallery Delivery.
-Two different styles with the same $100 non-refundable booking fee.

Santa with girls in Colorado Springs wearing vintage nightgowns
Left Image: Portrait / Right Image: Fine Art

What are the differences between the Santa Minis options?

The first option is the Fine Art option. This is an artistic, painted portrait effect. The total cost of the experience is $375. Families will be able to select their 3 images in a viewing gallery and they will be finalized and emailed through the gallery system. Additional Images will be $35 each.

Santa Photos Fine Art Style in Colorado Springs Photo Studio
Fine Art

The second option is our Traditional Portrait option. This is a standard portrait and is $250. Families will be able to select their 3 images in a viewing gallery and they will be ready to download within 24 hours. Additional Images will be $15.

Santa Minis in Colorado Springs Photo Studio
Portrait Style

How Do I Book a Santa Mini Session  with MAJECK?

If you would like to book a Santa Mini Session please click  Book A Santa Mini

If you have any questions please: Contact Me Here


MAJECK Photography is a Best of the Springs Nominee, licensed and insured to do business in Colorado. Our desire is to provide magical experiences this Christmas season.

A Woodland Park Wedding to Remember in Colorado

The Marksbury/Philipose Wedding

A Woodland Park wedding to remember where the importance of family truly shined from every member that attended. It was an honor to photograph this wedding and witness all the love that everyone had for each other.
The unconditional love just explodes in this photo from not only the couple but their families too!

Meet the Bride and Groom

Halie and Jubin were the sweetest couple, not only were they obsessed with each other they were beautifully obsessed with their daughter sweet A. Family was very important to the couple which hits home for me because family is everything to me. The different relationships between the bride and her mother, the bride and her sister and so many more were all built in love. Making this a Colorado mountain wedding to remember.

Bride and Groom Romantics at Woodland Park

The couples unconditional love for their daughter, they wanted to make sure she was included in every aspect of their special day.

A Day to Remember at Woodland Park

This wedding was a wedding to remember, the love from their family and friends was absolutely remarkable! What struck me the most was how many of their family members came from Texas just to celebrate their perfect day. Every single person was so happy to be there for them. Jubin’s mother is originally from India and was in the Sorry. There were fire ants all along the path to the alter space. The beginning of the ceremony Jubin stopped and started smacking fire ants out of the Bride’s dress. It created this incredible moment of Jubin’s selflessness. However, the most important part was them becoming one in front of their daughter.

Grooms mother dressed so beautifully.
Beautiful Mother of the Groom.

Groom picking fire ants off his bride!

So many family members came in from Texas it was amazing how many members came to celebrate them.
So many family members came from Texas to Colorado to watch the couple wed, It was truly remarkable.

The Bride and Groom become one in front of their precious daughter at Woodland Park.

Getting Ready at the Woodland Park Airbnb.

The wedding was held at a Woodland Park Airbnb . It is important right now to communicate with owners of these homes so that no rules are being broke for a celebration. The Bride and Groom did just that!

What I really adored about the getting ready process was that they made sure to include their daughter every step of the way. All of the girls wore the same outfit including Miss A. She was so in love with her mommy’s dress it was the cutest thing ever!  They snuggled on the bed while getting ready and that’s what getting ready photos are about – celebrating each moment and relationship. The Airbnb had a lot of places to take photos and the lighting was incredible.

The Wedding took place at a Woodland Park Airbnb

The bride made sure her sweet girl was included every step of the way.
It was very important to the bride that her daughter was included every step of the way.
The getting ready process of this lovely wedding in the Woodland Park Airbnb.
Getting Ready concluded with a first look with bridesmaids.

The bride made sure her sweet girl was included every step of the way.

Wedding Detail Shots
The Details of the wedding included rings, the delicious cake and the invitation – designed by the bride herself.

More Detail Shots, this Woodland Park Airbnb had a lot of windows for great lighting.
It’s Go Time- Meet the Wedding Party

The Bridal party consisted of Halie’s childhood friend who recently got her law degree ( the officiant), her sister (Matron of Honor), Little Miss A ( her daughter), and the rest were her close friends. On the Grooms side were four of Jubin’s closest friends. The bride and groom wanted an even number for their party so their officiant also stepped in to even out the Grooms side and stepped in for some photos too!

Wedding party at Woodland Park

It’s Time to Party!

I was a gorgeous June day at the Woodland Park Airbnb. The reception was so much fun people were dancing, posing silly, and truly just enjoying every minute. It was such a wedding to remember because it didn’t matter what side you came to support no one would every know that one family member was not related to the other because they were all that beautifully blended together in love.

The Reception at Woodland Park
This wedding was more than perfect in so many ways. The love shown was absolutely beautiful and I was so blessed that I got to be a part of something like this. Family is so important to me and it warms my heart to know that love like this still exists in our World.

I would love to make Magic with you, for investment or package questions you can contact me by clicking MAJECK Photography .
I hope to hear from you soon!


A Colorado Springs Wedding with Majeck Photography

couple on their wedding day at the garden of the gods resort in with their reflection in the pool

              Garden of the Gods Resort – An Intimate Colorado Springs Wedding

Planning a Destination Wedding…

The Garden of the Gods Resort makes planning a beautiful wedding day and keeping everything in one place a breeze. With the backdrop of Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods – you can’t find a prettier overlook to say “I do”. What makes this spot even better is the spa on site for getting ready. I suggest using the amazing Kim Clay Artistry as your makeup artist. She works with the spa to help Bride’s look their very best.

Garden of the Gods Resort

Michael and Nicole met in high school through a mutual friend.  It was love at first sight for the Groom, and he said, “Every time we looked at each other it was electric”. However, their love story started years later when they found each other again, and the rest was history.  They reached out to us via The Knot interested in a highlight video and a few hours of photography for their wedding day.

The Bride and Groom

My normal three hour package includes 1 photographer and 1 videographer, but with how large this venue is I suggest that couples add on a second photographer. Michael and Nicole did and we got to our prep work for their March wedding.

Engagement Session for a Destination Wedding?

I love photographing weddings because they are such a big part of love stories. At my heart, I’m a story teller and I want to capture authentic images of moments that tell a story. As a wedding photographer, I am someone who looks for the moments within the wedding that make it unique… special. Every wedding has the main story – the couple – and dozens of little stories that twenty years from now that couple will cherish.

The best way for me to get to know a couple before “I Do” is to work with them! We often set up engagement pictures the week of their arrival to laugh and so that I can watch how they walk… There is something so intimate about how you take your love’s hand and a million other things. While my process includes questionnaires, Zoom calls and texting before your big day – nothing replaces this engagement session. Michael and Nicole’s package included a mini and so we spent 20 minutes together two days before the big day.

This is how we capture a love story in a way that is authentic! So, even if you are planning a destination Colorado Springs wedding – we should still hang out for a bit!

The Big Day

When preparing for a wedding, I want know all about the bride, the groom, their visions, their family and everything else they are putting into their day. Three hours goes by so quickly especially with family being involved. A little lower, I’ll share a sample three hour timeline.

When I arrived we met with both the bride and groom and I hung back with Nicole. We captured her wedding day details (which my MAJECK Wedding Guide helps you prepare for ease) while she sipped champagne with her loved ones in the Bridal room. The groom, Michael got ready and headed out for some portraits with “The Guy” while Nicole’s girl squad helped her into her gown and jewelry. I encouraged them to soak these moments in – they are so special.

Guys getting ready wedding day
Girls Getting ready wedding photos

The couple made it very clear that family was the most important thing to them. Their wedding party was very small and intimate. It consisted of the Bride, the Groom, the Flower Girl (her daughter), and the Ring Bearer (her son). The bride requested that Bridal pictures include her daughter, mother, mother-in-law, step sister and her friend. The Groom requested that his photos include, their son, father, father-in-law and his friend. We had to play a bit of hide and seek to avoid the Bride being spotted before her portraits.

Full Family portraits


Then, Nicole chose to have a first look with her father. It was so sweet to watch hold back tears as his daughter prepared for her happily ever after. As a bit of a “Daddy’s Girl” myself, I love these moments.

First Look with Dad
First look with Dad, and I say he was blown away.


The Bride’s Aunt was going to officiate and since her sister had passed away they took a moment to remember her during the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony

You could feel the emotion of the moment.

After the ceremony Hors d’oeuvres were passed out by staff at the resort as we began to get ready for family portraits. Family from out of town was even included via Facetime on their iphone! Often, we use the same space as the ceremony site for the extended family portraits. When it was time for the Bend’s to get their first official family portrait we headed off to get better views of the park behind us.

Towards the end of the family portraits the kids got to scamper back and play with their loved ones while the newlyweds walked a bit further away.  The reflection pool is always a fun spot to capture, but really – our focus is the dynamic between a couple on their wedding day.

When photography isn’t enough – we offer video. Our team has a theater trained videographer working to create a highlight video for you to love for years to come! Nicole specifically wanted a film vibe and a focus on the romance for their wedding video.

About the Garden of the Gods Resort

The Bend’s wedding took place at the Garden of the Gods Resort & Club in beautiful Colorado Springs. It has a spa, hotel rooms, event space and beautiful outdoor area with views Garden of the Gods National Landmark, Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains. Food at the Resort is always delicious and enjoyable and they offer a fully stocked bar. It is the perfect place for a small group to celebrate a love story while being pampered.


  • 3:30pm Arrive – capture Details/Getting Ready
  • 4pm – Bride Getting Dressed
  • 4pm Groom Portraits – with group (photographer 2)
  • 4:35pm First Look with Dad
  • 4:45pm Bride Portraits – bride with the girls
  • 5:30pm Ceremony
  • 5:50pm License Signing
  • 5:53pm – Family Portraits
  • 6:05pm – Romantics
  • 6:30pm – Photography Ends


No matter how many hours you book for your wedding, each photo and memory is precious. Our team loved working with the Bends and celebrating their day with them.

If you are looking for a photographer or videographer – please reach out to MAJECK and we will provide a quote for your Colorado Springs Wedding.

So let’s #createMAJECK and discuss any questions you may have by contacting me Here.


Mary Elizabeth and James Fabian are the owners of MAJECK Photography and Elope Colorado Springs. Best friends since high school and storytellers with a bit of wanderlust – they spend their free time exploring with their three kids and two dogs or hanging out in the backyard with their family and chickens.



The Best Time to Schedule Your Maternity Pictures

mom in pink chicaboo maternity dress for maternity photoshoot

So, When is the Best Time to Schedule a Maternity Portrait Session?

Maternity picture scheduled at sunset with mountains in the background with mom in a blue gown

Well, Let’s Talk About It!

First off, Congratulations on your Pregnancy! This is such an exciting time for moms and families. Now you may be wondering when do you schedule maternity pictures! There are several answers but I help moms schedule their maternity picture session at the perfect time for them! Keep reading for some considerations to help you book your portraits at the perfect time!

Maternity portraits are such an amazing moment to have captured. Some women start dreaming about them the day they find out they are expecting, others wait until they are about to pop to even consider them. I once had a mom leave her maternity session and go the hospital to delivery baby! Sometimes maternity photos can seem like one more thing to add to your plate, but they are a beautiful reminder of what your body can do and how amazing it all is.  You’ll be able to look back and share you pregnancy journey with your beautiful baby and family.

I want to make things simple for you, so that your experience is as magical as you imagine. So I put together a small list to consider when booking your Maternity Portrait Session in Colorado Springs.

How far along should you be when you schedule your session?

Around 20-24 weeks is when you will want to find a photographer to schedule your session with. Weekends book quickly, especially that coveted sunset time slot. I like scheduling sessions this way because it allows us time to really think about locations and the feeling you want for your maternity portraits.

When you go to choose your date, you’ll want to choose something between a 29-34 week time frame.  I like to shoot about 28-35 weeks (around the third trimester). This also allows you to reschedule due to weather or not feeling well while still having pictures done during the best time. However; if you are carrying multiples or have other complications, I would suggest planning a bit earlier and not scheduling after 32 weeks.

This timeframe means that mom is usually still pretty mobile, and baby is still baking comfy. Your belly will have that cute round shape and this will allow us to get the perfect shots. I often tell moms we don’t want to get too close to baby time (36+ weeks) because your little one will likely arrive on their own schedule. We will also watch the weather and will work around any unforeseen changes.

detail bump photos of colorado springs maternity portraits
Gorgeous bumps at all different weeks of pregnancy, see how all bumps are uniquely shaped and beautiful?
39 week surprise maternity session
This momma was like an Earth Goddess. She originally wasn’t going to have them done, but her husband really wanted her to and she said yes at 39 weeks!

Also remember that every pregnancy is different, every woman and their bodies are all different. Make sure to keep in contact with me about any changes that might come up. While the time frames I suggest work for most maternity portraits, the changes in your body and your growing bump shape could be different and that is okay. We can work around those unforeseen changes and get your bump captured at the best time.

Can I have my family in my scheduled maternity pictures? Yes of course, I encourage it!

I love to get shots of the entire family too! I encourage the people who are most important to you to be involved in at least some of your portraits. Capturing the anticipation of siblings and the connection between parents is incredibly special for these sessions! It also gives big siblings a chance to get to know me ahead of a newborn session.

I suggest taking into consideration nap times and when siblings are most likely going to be happy and ready to interact for your portrait session.

Couples maternity pictures scheduled in Colorado Springs with mountain views
I love when spouses join in on sessions. These couples are so beautiful and the connections are breath taking.
Schedule maternity pictures when siblings are happy bump pictures with siblings
Siblings get to join in on the fun too! Letting them be involved really helps to prepare them for their new baby!

Special Requests? Absolutely, the more unique the better!

Anything you may want to incorporate in your session please feel free to bring it! Ultrasound photos, letter boards, those tiny baby shoes, and any other details you may feel is important to add is totally okay with me.  Please remember to put any specific request you have in the Maternity questionnaire so that I can honor your wishes and plan our time frame accordingly. This questionnaire is sent out to clients after they schedule maternity pictures with me.

close up maternity picture with children and tatoo of angel baby with mountains in the background schedule maternity pictures at 27 weeks
This momma wanted all siblings included and we made sure to get a picture of her tattoo that represents her angel baby.
cute baby announcement with mom and dad wearing matching shirts scheduled maternity session at 12 weeks
Mom and Dad did a fun announcement with an adorable onesie, cute t-shirts and their ultrasound photos!

Location Selection

You’ll want to choose an area where you will be most comfortable or perhaps a place that has happy memories for you. Things to think about when choosing your portrait location depend on how you are feeling. Some moms have limitations so we consider those as well when we schedule maternity pictures.

Pay attention to the walk to get to the view you want… Is it rocky? Are there hills? Is it steep? These are just safety measures to be aware of, and only you know what your body can do.

If you are bringing kids along for the session, consider your comfort level with them running around. Do you want your little one to be only on flat surfaces? Are you comfortable with closeness to water?

I go over everything with each mom-to-be so that we can choose a spot that is beautiful and will help create the beautiful art she will cherish for years to come. If you aren’t sure of the area I will be glad to help you choose the perfect spot based on what you want to capture.

studio maternity portrait in couture maternity gownThere is also an option to choose to schedule maternity pictures in my downtown Colorado Springs Photography studio if that better fits your needs or if you want a fine art feeling.

I would love to have the opportunity to chat about your maternity session vision! Here is a link for you to look at my Investment Page and a link to view my client closet Client Closet.




Summer Family Photos in Colorado Springs

Colorado Family Lifestyle Photo - family looking at butterfly

Summer Family Photo Sessions
(With a cake smash)
Family and cake, what’s not to love?

Family photo sessions are all about capturing moments, making memories, and bringing out the beautiful personalities of the ones you love. My job is literally MAJECK-AL, and behind the lens I get to see it all. Even when you are unsure of  how everything may turn out – trust the process of my summer family photo sessions. Maybe you are chasing after kids, nervous, or a mini meltdown unfolds. I am here to let you know that it is okay, all of those things can be turned into beautiful moments, we never knew could exist. And those big personalities? They are what make your family wonderfully unique. We want those in your family photos session.

A Summer Afternoon

The Dean Family was so much fun to work with.  Dad, a Veteran and someone who says “I Don’t Like Posed Photos”,  was extremely social and absolutely loves the outdoors. Honestly, he kept me on my toes with how much exploring he did. The kids and I were just along for the ride.

Summer Family photo of dad with children
Dad and babies pose by the creek. They were busy looking at the stream and I called over to them and snapped this sweet “posed” but not “forced” image.

At one point, Dad caught a butterfly and let the kids all examine it. Then, when the kids were ready he let it just fly away. It’s easy to get great photos of your little ones, just let them explore nature. When they forget that I’m there, the scene is set for memorable moments and great summer family photos.


Dad catches a butterfly for his kids to explore during family photo session in Colorado
The most perfect unplanned moment, created the perfect summer photo. Dad shows the kids the butterfly he caught and they explored it together.

Mom, opened up very quickly and we were able to capture beautiful moments with her babies just snuggling in. They have three sweet kiddos,  A is spontaneous , N is the sweetheart, and L is just a sweet smiley baby. All of their personalities were able to shine on this beautiful summer day near Colorado Springs.  The session was, “move, move, move”, and the kids loved it. I start sessions like this with families just snuggling for a more traditional portrait and then we just let go. We didn’t stress on posing and instead, just took the hour of portraits as it came. This is what lifestyle photography is all about. Unposed, unscripted – uniquely your family.

Mom, Dad, baby and two daughters pose by the creek for summer portraits.
Here, Mom is glowing with her gorgeous smile. You can see all those sweet personalities of these gorgeous babies.
Daughter snuggles mom and smiles big during summer family picture session
Snuggled up in mommy’s arm is the perfect place to be.

Cake Smash Time

As we got towards the end of the session that’s when the real fun began. Colorado has a long winter but when summer comes it’s perfect to get summer family photos and cake is always a welcome addition!

Colorado cake smash, first birthday, family session
This sweet boy was so gentle with his cake, it was as if he knew his mama made it will love and didn’t want to damage it.

The session ended with the family pulling out a little blue cake that was made by mom to celebrate L’s birthday. It had a cute little fishing pole attached to add the perfect little touch. I laid down some a beautiful white blankets and started shooting. Little man, at first wasn’t into it, so Dad decided to help get him more messy by diving in the cake himself face first!  The family continued to just celebrate baby, eat cake and play with butterflies. At the end they washed off in the creek, and used towels I suggested they bring for an easy cleanup.

Colorado cake smash outdoor during summer pictures with dad helping
However, Dad didn’t think Baby L was getting messy enough, so he decided to get Baby L and Himself in the cake…Literally.

Summer Photos during a family session at the Creek in Colorado

I aim to tell the story of your family, so I capture every special moment when I can. A child’s first birthday is special for EVERYONE. Capturing family photos in these sessions is very important to me as well. The incorporation of nature, love, exploration and ease with the Dean family told such a fun story and let’s them preserve this for a long time to come.

Summer Family Photo Outfits

This was the perfect summer afternoon and Fountain Creek Nature Center is a gorgeous spot to enjoy the sun and beauty. Summer Family Photos in Colorado Springs are relaxed and beautiful when you book with MAJECK. Many times moms ask “what do we wear?”. The time of day and type of weather play a role in this decision, but I’m here to help!

Well, I love making your job easy and before every session I send a guide with support.  From helping you pick outfits from your closet (or mine) to suggesting places where you can purchase the dress or outfits of your dreams. I want to make this experience pleasurable and memorable. This way, you get to relax and enjoy your portrait session!

You can learn more about my Capture Magic pricing by clicking here.