Vintage Spring Minis

I have a confession to make… I am a planner. I love to plan and design intricate parties for my kids down to the tiny details. Luckily, this helps me create fun and beautiful styled shoots for my clients.

This Spring, I am offering Vintage Spring Minis. I can see this as a beautiful set up for birthday pictures, Easter pictures, sibling shoots and just fun stylized shoots for a special little person. No matter who you want to participate in your Vintage Spring Mini, you definitely want to book now!


20 minute session with up to 5 people

7 digital image downloads.

Baros Fresh 48

You’ve just had a baby – now let’s take some pictures!

Wait… WHAT?

That’s kind of what Fresh 48’s are though! I have three kids and let me tell you, there are few things in life as beautiful as the new baby freshness of those first few days! A fresh 48 is designed to capture all of that beauty and wonder as a family meets and learns about their newest member.

How does it work?

Well, Baby B was coming soon and her mom messaged me about doing a Mini Fresh 48 about two weeks ahead of due date (I don’t recommend you waiting quite this long to do it because of scheduling). Luckily, I had availability and told her to let me know when Baby got her (after contracts and payments). Just a few days later I get a message saying that Baby is here and mom is doing well so we give her the day to rest and I plan to be there the following afternoon.

Monkey Wrench!

The next morning Mom messages me that she needs me to come to the hospital sooner because they are getting out early! YAY! At just 27 hours old, I got to photograph this gorgeous little bundle of joy and her mommy. Fresh 48 are not meant to be glamour shots, but man – they are incredibly beautiful. A gift to Mom, a gift to baby… Something for the entire family.

So, I’m pleased to announce my Fresh 48 pricing! You can find it on my Pricing Page here!

Please remember that these prices are different than regular pricing because you aren’t just paying for my time and portraits – you are also paying for me to hold time. I love doing Newborn and Fresh 48 but I definitely can’t do as many a week! Booking is different so that I can give my clients the time and care you deserve!

So, think about buying one of these and in the mean time, enjoy these sweet pictures!



Imagine meeting someone new and scary for the first time and then being told you need to smile for them. This person is up in your face with a big camera and you have never met them before in your life. Mom looks a little anxious and isn’t holding you – so you are worried because let’s be honest mom needs to be closer. I imagine this is what our kids deal with when they have photographs done with a new photographer.

It’s awkward for us as adults, but for kiddos it might be down right scary. My job is to help them overcome that fear and have fun! As a mom, I have some experience in this department. I’m constantly chasing my kids and capturing magical moments in my free time. This isn’t because it is my job, it is because it is my passion. I am daily working on improving my skills because I want to offer the best possible results for clients. Kids can tell that I like them and even after a quick twenty minute Mini session, I have them coming out of their shell.

Miss Lina was the shy and not so sure about this strange lady type. So, I set out to have fun with her on her 2nd birthday photo shoot. It was incredible to see her go from the typical coy and unsure smile of a toddler searching for her mama to a bright eyed smiling beauty! So, don’t worry too much if you have a kiddo who doesn’t love to smile. Either I will help them out of their shell or we will get memorable photographs of them discovering the world around them.

It’s Okay to Be Nervous

I have a confession to make… I get crazy nervous when the time comes for our family portraits – or my maternity portraits. I worry about my outfit, the family all coordinating and if my makeup is going to look good on camera. Add to that… After over ten years of marriage I think my husband and I have managed not to be annoyed with each other for ONE of our annual portrait sessions. I know I am not the only mom that feels this way and I want to help my clients overcome it as much as possible!

Yesterday, I had a mom tell me she felt awkward in front of the camera. I get it… What looks best? Where should my hand go? Are my pictures turning out? I get it because I have been there.

And so… I created a Pinterest account for MAJECK! I am actively building out boards for inspiration for your next session? What do I wear? How should my hair be? What kind of makeup is best? How do I make sure that my kiddos are cute AND comfortable? I want to provide as many answers to your questions and moments for inspiration as I can so that when we get to picture day you are at ease!

Rather than send you out looking for your own inspiration – let me help! I have curated these boards and will continue to curate them so that when we are talking and planning your next session – you have the ability to point to a specific without hours of searching!

This is just one more way that I can support you as my client and as a person who is concerned with getting the best possible outcome from my services!

Are you ready to book your next portrait session? Contact me and let’s talk!
Meanwhile – follow our Pinterest Account and create your Inspiration Board!

Welcome to Baby G-M

I recently got to photograph a lovely family who recently moved back to Colorado. Mom and Dad are expecting their second and their little guy was a bit camera shy. It was okay and he warmed up by the end!

Meanwhile, we got some beautiful shots of this growing family in just twenty minutes! That’s right – a mini session is enough to get 5-10 great shots of your family if you are on a budget or short on time. My maternity sessions are meant to be affordable… I was a young mom without a lot of spare cash with my first two children and it wasn’t until I had my third that we photographed that incredible period of our life together. For $40 you can have a twenty minute session with 5-10 edited images returned, so contact me today!

Enjoy these sneaks! (My personal favorite is definitely Big Brother holding Mom & Dad’s hands taking a look back!)


Do you photography parties and other events? I get asked this question quite a bit. You spend a lot of time planning your baby’s birthday or graduation party and you don’t want to worry about getting good photographs of the set up and cake smash!

I totally get this, which is why I absolutely will work with you to photograph your event! KJ recently turned one and his grandma wanted to be sure that the family had great photos of the smash on his birthday! Mom spend lots of time working on the decorations and theme – “One I Am” and it was a Dr. Seuss Masterpiece!

The smash cake was INCREDIBLE! The decorations and attention to details spoke for themselves and this little guy had a blast! So, yes, I do events. Message me today to talk about your needs and my rates!

What is Branding Photography?

I have been asked by some of my business owners that I consult with and Lifestyle Photography clients what Branding Photography is. Many haven’t heard of it, even though they are probably following someone on Social Media who is utilizing a Branding Photographer. So, here’s a quick run down on what it is MAJECK can bring to the table in the area of Personal and Business Branding.

Are you a Social Media Influencer? Perhaps you are running a political campaign – or you need steady images to build your business or a brand. Your job should be talking to people, involving yourself in networking opportunities and building your Brand Image. You need quality images, but can’t take the time out of every single day to create them yourself.

That’s where MAJECK comes in.

I get it. I really do. I have been working with Brands for over a year on improving their image quality and personal branding. There are two different services I offer to clients for their Branding.

The first is to offer my services hourly and photograph the client at events so that they have quality images to use on Social Media, in Email Blasts and their website. The second is that we create stories over several hours to match your brand and photograph them. These stories are completely based on who you are, what your business is and who the client you are hoping to reach is.

A current client utilizing my event Branding. – This means that he doesn’t need to remember to snap pictures with a cell phone and the pictures are more valuable because he was in them.

What does that mean?

For instance, a pet groomer may hire me to take Personal Brand Images for their business – Mobile Pet Grooming. Over their period of time, I would create a story with their own pet and them playing at a dog park, enjoying a sunny afternoon. This invokes a sense of trust in that this business owner has pets and loves them outside of their monetary value. It invests her clients to her. Then, the second part of our session would be the business owner in around her mobile grooming vehicle. Behind the wheel, what the vehicle looks like (close ups of the pet treats), her meeting a pet owner at their home or office and finally her grooming a pet and the finished results. This allows her clients to become familiar with the process that she employs and lets them feel more at ease.

Pictures tell a story. Anyone using Social Media should be leveraging these stories to improve their bottom line. I’m here to help do that.

Coming to Florida!

One of the amazing things about our business is that it affords me the opportunity to travel when I want/need to. Sometimes, I travel for business, visiting clients in the SE. Other times it is for family or pleasure (last summer to improve my craft I was able to take my family across the United States visiting 25 states and meet clients at the same time!).

Recently, I received a phone call that my father was receiving the Malcom Knowles award. This is, perhaps, the most prestigious award an educator in the field of self directed learning can receive. Of course, I am so proud of Dad and thankful for his influence in my life. His entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged me in building MAJECK and he has fostered a love of education in me from an early age. Of course, I wanted to be there and booked my flights yesterday!

So, why am I sharing this with you, my reader? For two reasons… The first, a shameless plug if you are in Florida and looking for pictures to be taken. I’m offering mini sessions at Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge! It is the perfect opportunity to update your head shots or some new family pictures for the new year! I’m ready to capture some magic for your family! Message me from the Facebook page or send me an email and I’ll be happy to add you to my calendar!

My Shameless Plug! I’d love to photograph you while in Florida!

The other reason is probably more important…

We live in an incredible time. There are so many opportunities for individuals such as yourself to build a business and take it anywhere you want to. Social Media and other Internet Marketing tools is a large part of this. You need to be creating content everywhere you go. This is an industry tool that is ignored because those who don’t understand it are afraid of it. Don’t be afraid, learn or reach out to MAJECK and start creating magic for your business! Shoot me an email today!

Welcome to My World!

You have found MAJECK! I’m so glad you are here and exploring our little piece of the Internet. While our About us shares a little – I feel like a blog can share quite a bit more.

MAJECK is the brain child of several years of conversations between me (Mary Elizabeth) and my husband (James). As an IT and Networking guy in the Army, James went all over the world, including two tours overseas. When he got out, he worked for a few years in the Private Sector while I built my reputation as a consultant and garnered clients across the country. But we kept talking about the possibility of opening up a real shop… together. I recognized that my skill set made me unique – experience in Finance, Education, Marketing and Intellectual Property. However, his skill set combined with mine could make us stand out! And so, with a new year upon us we agreed to give this a go.

We also decided to combine a passion of mine – photography – into the mix. I had been using my skills for clients for a couple of years at this point, but hadn’t branched out to the part I loved the most – lifestyle. Sure, my friends and family lucked out but now was the time to really expand. I am so glad that I did.

Five days into the new year and I shot my first newborn session today. As a mom of three (and one on the way) these sessions are so beautiful to me. Capturing the joy of a family as they bring something new into their world. It’s an honor to be invited into that. I couldn’t wait to get home and edit a few just to surprise the family with some beautiful pictures.

So, as they enjoy their portraits of their newborn, I am working hard to enjoy this new endeavor of James’ and mine. Change is scary – but following your passion is worth it!