Lifestyle Newborn Pictures

Prepping for your Lifestyle Newborn Picture Session

You just had your sweet baby and now you are ready for those adorable lifestyle newborn pictures that commemorate this moment for your family. If you have chosen the “in-home” option, you are likely worried about what you need to be doing to prepare. This is a regular question of my clients and to support them, I’ve prepared this handy guide on Prepping for your Lifestyle Newborn Portraits! So snuggle that baby and enjoy this quick read!

newborn session in studio

Do I clean my house for lifestyle pictures?

Please don’t scrub your entire house! I want you to be relaxed and that is so not necessary. Snuggle that baby and enjoy all of the sweetness of his or her new life. When I arrive we will move through your home and probably come up with one or two locations that will create the best images using natural light. I do bring flash, but prefer to use it as a last resort. Normally, big windows provide plenty of light and help create a closer atmosphere for your family.

When I pick the spot I will look around to see what will be in the portraits. More than anything, I will look at light and then see if there are areas of clutter that may distract from your family’s pictures. You should know that anything I move or ask to move, I will help replace.

family cuddling during newborn lifestyle portraits

Warm the House Up ahead of your Lifestyle Newborn Pictures!

Babies do best with these lifestyle newborn picture sessions if the house is made a bit warmer (76 was my kids sweet spot) ahead of time. I may be wrapping baby or even letting him or her be in just a diaper so the temperature should be comfortable for that. I also suggest that baby be fed about twenty minutes before I arrive so that he or she is nice and sleepy. Baby snuggles are so sweet and full tummies lead to cuddly babies more willing to be moved around.

It’s about YOUR Connection

Lifestyle sessions are focused on the connection between family and baby. Typical poses will include full family portraits, portraits of your family interacting with each other, mom with baby, dad with baby and baby by itself. The baby by itself pictures are often a mix of hands and feet along with cute faces because I want to capture how tiny your little one is right now. (Trust me, they grow fast!)

lifestyle newborn session in home

As far as what to wear… I suggest wearing clothing that you are comfortable in that is free of labels. Some moms like to get their hair and makeup done and be in dresses. Others have leggings and sweaters on. They are ALL beautiful because it’s less about what you wear and more about this moment in time. I do offer client wardrobe options to help out. My biggest tip is to wear clothing that isn’t “busy” and won’t be obvious to the decade twenty years from now. Other than that, I say, anything goes!


All MAJECK clients gain access to the client closet for maternity and newborn sessions. This often helps moms as I own several gowns that are flattering just after baby. Wraps are provided by MAJECK as well for baby – but parents are welcome to provide their own!  My mom closet can be seen here

Learn about other newborn portrait options by clicking here!

Baby Brown

I love coming back for newborn portraits for my maternity families. It feels like a bit of a celebration for me to get to see the precious babies and the families so full of excitement and love. There is no greater honor than having a returning client message me for these events.

I recently got a message from a mom that I took maternity pictures for in the Spring. They had welcomed a beautiful baby girl and were hoping for some lifestyle newborn portraits. Lifestyle newborn is all about capturing a family in their home. They are best done in the morning because that is when most homes have the best lighting. On top of pictures of parents and siblings loving on the baby, I try to capture portraits of just the baby.

mother holding baby
Her mommy was so in love!

Well, this day was dark and dreary. It actually harkened back the maternity session where ten minutes before the session the temperature dropped and beautiful blue skies turned very grey. Luckily, this time we were inside! Even with the grey skies outside, baby’s nursery had a beautiful big window and there was beautiful light in the family’s front room.

Big brother was definitely enamoured with his new sister and mom was excited about all of the bows! I was so happy to be able to capture these memories for the B Family and their precious baby girl. She will always be able to look back and know that she is well loved.

Congratulations Brown Family!

brother and newborn baby sister

I didn’t have my first newborn portraits done until my third child was born. I offer affordable mini packages to help families with a limited budget enjoy this luxury. Contact me today to find out more!

Baros Fresh 48

You’ve just had a baby – now let’s take some pictures!

Wait… WHAT?

That’s kind of what Fresh 48’s are though! I have three kids and let me tell you, there are few things in life as beautiful as the new baby freshness of those first few days! A fresh 48 is designed to capture all of that beauty and wonder as a family meets and learns about their newest member.

How does it work?

Well, Baby B was coming soon and her mom messaged me about doing a Mini Fresh 48 about two weeks ahead of due date (I don’t recommend you waiting quite this long to do it because of scheduling). Luckily, I had availability and told her to let me know when Baby got her (after contracts and payments). Just a few days later I get a message saying that Baby is here and mom is doing well so we give her the day to rest and I plan to be there the following afternoon.

Monkey Wrench!

The next morning Mom messages me that she needs me to come to the hospital sooner because they are getting out early! YAY! At just 27 hours old, I got to photograph this gorgeous little bundle of joy and her mommy. Fresh 48 are not meant to be glamour shots, but man – they are incredibly beautiful. A gift to Mom, a gift to baby… Something for the entire family.

So, I’m pleased to announce my Fresh 48 pricing! You can find it on my Pricing Page here!

Please remember that these prices are different than regular pricing because you aren’t just paying for my time and portraits – you are also paying for me to hold time. I love doing Newborn and Fresh 48 but I definitely can’t do as many a week! Booking is different so that I can give my clients the time and care you deserve!

So, think about buying one of these and in the mean time, enjoy these sweet pictures!