Branding and Headshots

A picture is worth a thousand words… When you are in business, it is often your first introduction to a potential client. Are your pictures showcasing your brand? Do they portray the image of yourself your clients want to see? Are they recent?

If not, let’s fix that!

Headshot sessions are offered in studio, in office and outside. No two businesses is alike and each individual has a different set of needs with their brand. My job is to anticipate and guide you through what is best for your needs and provide quality products that show your best side to potential clients.

While many professionals only need easy headshots – portraits with a neutral background and not much else… Others benefit from a branding session. These sessions are longer sessions which yield a wealth of content for your social media, websites and other marketing purposes. They are ideal for professionals and politicians who are developing a strong brand around themselves, a lifestyle or a concept that they promote. Businesses such as auto shops, doctor’s offices, law firms, salons and more can use these sessions to create content that support their goals by putting quality images in front of their ideal clientele. All branding sessions come with licenses to use and modify so that your brand and voice are showcased in the forefront.

headshot pricing sheeting for colorado photographerAll galleries include multiple images for the client to select their favorites from. This is because I want you to connect with your image and be proud to display it.

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