Maternity & Newborn Portraits

Embrace the Beauty of New Life

This is a time to be celebrated! My experience of preparing for and bringing a new baby (or babies) home has always been new and different with every child. I love capturing these maternity portraits and then meeting a family’s newest addition!

“I have no doubt that the simple act of getting dressed up and putting makeup on and then seeing me in the way my husband saw me daily is what got me there.” – a new mom

My sessions include Gowns!

I include maternity gowns (and have so many to choose from) to help moms remove the stress of “what do I wear?”, but also because these dresses are designed to accentuate this moment in your life with beauty and grace. These quality gowns are available for every season and come in multiple colors so that there is something for everyone. You can view my gowns by joining my VIP on Facebook or by viewing my Client Closet Gallery.

Red Maternity gown portrait in Garden of the Gods

Can my family or partner be included?

Absolutely! I encourage the people who are most important to you to be involved in at least some of your portraits. Capturing the anticipation of siblings and the connection between parents is incredibly special for these sessions! It also gives big siblings a chance to get to know me ahead of a newborn session

I still love my maternity portraits. They are among my most cherished family pictures.

I love them for so many reasons but mostly because of the happiness they reflect. The quiet joy of me carrying our daughter and the constant smiles of my husband and children. If you are in a relationship or if this isn’t your first child – everyone is welcome. Because this baby isn’t just coming to you, it’s coming to your family. What a blessing!

maternity portraits in studio with father and son
A lifestyle family portrait -perfect for winter maternity or kiddos who are at happiest at home!


Where can we take Maternity portraits?

That all depends on you – the client – and what you are comfortable with. I have a beautiful studio we can use. We can also take these in the comfort of your home – maybe even featuring that nursery you have been working on! Most moms choose outdoor sessions. Colorado is beautiful and there are so many gorgeous spots for us to access. I’ll help you select a spot when you contact me (the button is at the top)!


What is the cost?

I offer several session options for families to include Bump to Baby package savings which include maternity and newborn at a great rate! My Investment Page details base pricing options but we can also customize options to meet needs!