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Congratulations! I want to be your wedding photographer! (too forward?) But, if you landed here you are probably looking for the person to take your wedding portraits. This individual will be trusted to create beautiful art documenting your “I Do’s”. From intimate weddings to elaborate, large affairs, I am here to document your wedding day. I want my camera to be the one that helps create the album you will look at for the rest of your lives.

Colorado Wedding Photographer and storyteller

I’m a Storyteller and Wedding Photographer

I love photographing weddings because they are such a big part of love stories. At my heart, I’m a story teller. As a wedding photographer, I am someone who looks for the moments within the wedding that make it unique… special. Every wedding has the main story – the couple – and dozens of little stories that twenty years from now that couple will cherish… How do I know? I still love looking back on photos from my wedding day and the portraits from my parents wedding. I look over the album and laugh at the antics of the guests, smile at the memory of our first dance and am so thankful to have these wedding portraits. It is important to me to give that to each couple I work with!

What about video? In the fall of 2019 MAJECK debuted our Wedding Video options and 2020 brides have access to awesome introductory rates! Send me an email to learn more about wedding photography and videography packages!

Boy holding smore at wedding reception in Colorado.

So, how does this work?

Ideally, you fill out the contact form or shoot me an email. That let’s me know you are interested and we start a conversation. You will probably get a pretty detailed email from me. I’m a bit chatty, but I know that as your wedding photographer, I’m going to be spending a lot of time with you on a very important day. Therefore, I like to talk over the phone or a cup of coffee (which I love) and get to know you and your relationship a bit. I can’t wait to hear about your wedding day plans and your love story up to this point! From there, I will be able to help you select a package that provides you the coverage you need. If everything sounds good, we take care of the “business” side and you booked your wedding photographer!


Speaking of business… what kind of an investment is a Wedding Photographer?

Weddings can be expensive, but finding someone who can capture your memories and leave you feeling at ease is important and an investment! I include quite a few perks in your investment in your wedding photography to ensure that you walk away with beautiful images AND something to hang on your wall. Why? Because it took my husband and I TEN years to finally get that album printed! As a little girl, I loved pouring over my parent’s wedding album and so I offer services to help my clients get there’s quickly!

My base pricing can be found by viewing my PricingSheet, but let’s talk about your needs! I am always happy to create a wedding photography package specific to the couple’s needs.

What about Travel?

I do not charge travel for Florida, Colorado or Texas… Why? Because I’m a adventurer and like to wander back to my loved ones for a bit! Working in these states allows me that opportunity and I love it!

Going somewhere else? I’m down for any adventure and destination! When you fill out the form below I’ll get a quote turned around to you that includes those considerations! Because you shouldn’t be surprised by the final price of your photographer, I’m always totally upfront with pricing.


“Mary Elizabeth did the best for us on our special day. I have lots of pictures and you made it so easy for us to be ourselves around you. We now have a photographer friend for all our milestones we want to capture.” – C – Nov. 2019 bride

What about after we book?

I’m not going to forget about you. I will be touching base a few times before your wedding, from scheduling your engagement session to chatting about your ideas and goals for your portraits to checking in about a week before the big day and finalizing all of the moving pieces. I’m there to help with the details and pride myself in knowing your wedding day plans. Scoping locations, researching when sunset will be, having extra bobby pins – I’m your girl. Because when you book with MAJECK, you are booking a professional who has a desire to create beautiful images for YOU at heart.  You can trust that I will pay attention to the details of your big day. This is all to ensure that beautiful art is created. Art that you will cherish for the rest of their lives together.


Do you also do video?

Yes! Starting in the fall of 2019 we expanded to include wedding videos and highlight videos. These packages are quoted based on the total number of hours an event is going to last and what each couple is looking for. Reach out today for a custom quote for a bundled wedding photography and videography package for your big day!

So let’s #CreateMAJECK…


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