Mary and Family with Cherry Blossoms

2021 Review-Cake Smashes, Weddings, Elopements and More!

It’s January 2022! Let’s rewind and look back on 2021 with MAJECK!

Mary and Family with Cherry Blossoms

This year continued with some of the same challenges from last year, only now families, businesses, couples and individuals are learning to maneuver through our Worlds new normal.  As I review last year with you, just know how much I appreciate all of the people I’ve crossed paths with. Not even realizing that some of you would bring me so much knowledge, love, hope and prayers.  I continue to understand how resilient I am, the ending of 2021 for me and my family was rough, and I am very blessed that I am able to share my personal life with my clients, because I too am human.

So as a tradition I thought i’d continue to share my highlight reels. So here’s MAJECK’s 2021. I hope you see what I see through these images, the stories, smiles, growth and passion. Maybe they will help you sit back and count your blessings when you review 2021 through your own lens!


The first of the year is always a reboot, it’s a refreshing relief that I get to start my life all over. Anything that I want to change, add, learn, teach, I have that power…and I used it. One of my first sessions of 2021 was a Maternity Session, it was a cold day, with a gorgeous momma and beautiful Colorado Skies. Mom and I bonded the previous year over shared difficulties and it was amazing to celebrate this!

gorgeous mom maternity session


The month of love, I did an amazing couple session! I love Couple Sessions because I get to hear your love story, I get to photograph it and I get to be apart of the reaction to the final result. This young couple was beautiful, full of so much love, laughter and life. They are so in love with each other, I could tell just by the way they looked at each other. It is such a blessing to know love like this still exists and I get to be capture it.

We hung out at one of my favorite parks in Colorado and enjoyed laughing and dancing.

couple session in colorado


March brought our first ever MAJECK sponsored styled shoot. Boho with a bit of Irish vibes it was the perfect way to start the month. I’m still obsessing over how natural and beautiful this couple was. Additional weddings at the Garden of the Gods Resort and elopements made March a month filled with love, sun and so much beauty.

college of March Photography Sessions



After a crazy early month including a trip to Texas for a Quince photo shoot, I took some time off and spent a day in the sand with my kiddos on the gulf coast of Florida. It was really a trip with my family and we drank margaritas and celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary (a year late thanks to COVID). I even took time and edited photos at the dock with my toes in the sand. Here is a photo that I love of Claire from our mini getaway.

sweet girl with her toes in the sand


May is the start of our busy wedding season in Colorado. But I headed to Oklahoma where I got to photograph my gorgeous niece’s wedding. I have known her for her entire life and being able to be apart of her special day, as she became a unit with her husband was so special to my heart. She was more stunning than I could have ever imagined and I was trilled that she trusted me to be the one to capture her big day! After all of the festivities – we headed out to Holy City of the Witchitas and got her epic romantics that she dreamed of!

Nieces Wedding collage


Summer is always a big time for weddings, but the weather likes to play crazy tricks during these months. This wedding for anyone else might have been a nightmare, but for this couple it was the best day of their lives. We even moved things around to avoid the rain and the but it had other plans. However, that didn’t stop this couple! They had umbrellas, laughed and embraced the rain showers at Copper Mountain – which was incredible with all of the craziness of the day.

Wedding collage with rain


There were a lot of great memories in July! I got to go see my god babies and reunite all of my babies under one roof for a little while in Washington DC. I got to explore the beautiful states of Utah, Colorado, Virginia, and Texas. I photographed a gorgeous engagement session with an amazing couple. We did boho tent mini sessions and they turned out wonderfully! Lastly this lovely momma braved the outdoors with her mini and slayed her earthy maternity session.

Our 2022 family session giveaway will be located at a spot I found during this trip.

July collage


A big part of my heart is watching your families grow, your children grow and getting to continue to be a part of your families through photography. In August I got to meet with and photograph a lot of returning families. This stunning mom showing off her beautiful bump gets more gorgeous every time I see  her. The gorgeous princess in the purple dress has grown so much since I met her in the beginning of the year. I also got to take a little time with my youngest princess and just photograph, which I didn’t get to do much this busy season.

august collage


It was pretty crazy this month….crazy fun! I had the pleasure of shooting many family sessions, lots of couples, weddings and some really unique cake smash sessions. The bride and groom you see below celebrated big, their wedding was phenomenal! This couple session was heartfelt and they even included their pup in their family session later on. I got to see mothers loving on their babies and venture off to new areas to shoot.  It was also a tough month as I battled sickness and my team stepped up to help keep everyone covered. I can’t say how grateful I am to be surrounded by amazing women!

September review collage


October was EPIC! After my family and I battled the RONA (back in September) I was ready to get out and shoot! This month was nothing but thrilling! I got an entire bar to open their doors early to shoot a couple’s engagement session! I photographed a senior session where the mom rented her daughter an entire plane. There was a family that actually did a best friend shoot and they traveled to Colorado to all do an extended family session which I thought was so cool. I’m watching my oldest daughter turn into this beautiful woman and the October scenery did not disappoint our impromptu session. If you can see below the sweet girl in the bathtub was doing her milk bath session and brother wanted to do one too! Then I was able to capture a  maternity session with a family close to me that I have gotten to watch grow.

October collage


In November, between the crazy of Santa and sharing a few sessions with Fostering Hope families, weddings and holidays I took a day and make the trek to Bishop’s Castle. I was obsessed with the stained glass windows and terrified of the heights. But – we captured some gorgeous images and it was definitely a highlight of November. It also made me realize that in 2022 I need to take more time to create art for the pure purpose of feeding my soul and creating something beautiful. The 2022 Passion Projects are going to be quarterly and one lucky family will be getting a mountain session!

November collage


I ended the year strong despite everything going on in my personal life. I was able to be transparent with my clients and share my journey with you as we struggled with my husband’s PTSD.  For me, the difficult times are what help me capture and really embrace the beauty of each couple and family’s journey. Capturing mothers in a natural pose with their babies is what I’m here for because these moments are too fleeting. This gorgeous bump photo was too good not to include from another studio maternity session. I photographed a senior session for a gorgeous and accomplished teen who’s dad and his truck is frequently in front of my camera. She was beautiful inside and out. I love being able to connect and see who is going to be our future one day. Lastly, I photographed my first ever rice eating ceremony – also known as Annaprashan –  this ceremony is known as your baby’s first feeding or their transition to solids. It was a very cool experience and I love that I was able to be a part of it.

December collage
Thank you

I appreciate if you made it this far, I really enjoy what I do, the people I meet and the places I get to go. I had a wonderful year of growth, hardship, love, loss and so much more. I am so proud of myself, my team and all the family and friends I have by my side and I’m even more proud and THANKFUL for each of you.

Stay tuned for my 2022 Family Session Giveaway!!!

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