Capturing your Family's Joy

Colorado Family/Maternity/NewborN Photographer

I believe that photography is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. My most cherished possessions are photos of the ones that I love, some who are no longer able to sit and laugh with me.
This is why I dedicate myself to capturing moments for families as a Colorado Springs Photographer. I believe in the love story that moves within a family. It is beautiful and should be captured.

My Approach

It is not just a picture. It’s not just a moment. It is a memory.
I approach family sessions wanting to know and grow with families. I want to capture the smiles and happiness. The giggles and the joy. But most of all, I want to capture these intangible moments that as a mother I know will be missed. The size of your newborn’s hands. The reaction of a child to their sibling fluttering inside their mother. Brothers and sisters laughing and enjoying the sun with each other.
Each situation and family is different and I honor these differences. From my questionnaire which helps me connect to kids and dads alike to playing games during our session so that spirits are kept up and families have beautiful images to hang on their walls and share with the world.

How it Works

Colorado Family Photography sessions last about an hour. They can be scheduled as studio sessions for a more controlled or fine art approach – often a great choice for newborns – or as outdoor lifestyle sessions. My photography studio near downtown Colorado Springs provides comfort and convenience for clients. Once booked, families receive my MAJECK Session guide which helps ensure your photography experience is relaxed and enjoyable for all participants. We select locations and I even offer outfit guidance! My client closet is available for maternity, engagement, senior and family clients as well. During a session we capture a mixture of portraits and candids. My goal is for every client to say “That was fun!” at the end!