A Lifestyle Newborn Session With MAJECK

An inside look on what to expect, and other helpful tips for a Lifestyle Newborn Session.

What is a Lifestyle Session?

Before the blog begins, I’d like to say Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Bringing a new baby into the World, is one of the most rewarding stages in a family’s life. So of course you want to cherish these memories forever. With a Lifestyle Session a family is able to naturally navigate through their session. Meaning that you are not obligated to pose, smile or even look at the camera. Instead we embrace all the calm or crazy the session may bring. With this style of photography you are in your own home, or important family location and candid in nature where the primary focus is on the new bond between all of you.

A family bonding with their new baby girl.
Cisler Family Lifestyle Newborn Session

How do I prepare for my Lifestyle Session with MAJECK Photography?

Preparing for your Life Style Session is simple, or at least I try to make it so! Once we get the ball rolling I will stay in touch regularly. We will chat through e-mail or phone to discuss your vision, dates, times, color schemes, number of family members, lighting in your home, and of course the fun stuff like props (if you want any). I will also send you a questionnaire so that I can learn about you, your family, to create a connection, and have a good idea on how you would like your session to go. You can also check our Facebook page to check out other images and information.

If we don’t pose, what do we do?

Well, you can pose if you want to, but the more natural the better.  I am primarily focusing on the new connection between you and your baby, and photographing baby in their new environment. The photographs end up being more natural, and less posed and your baby could be sleeping or wide awake when I photograph them. I’ll attach a few examples from a Lifestyle Session below.

Big brother goofing off during his sisters Lifestyle Newborn Session.
Proud big brother being all boy while holding his baby sister.

What if baby is early?

Believe it or not this happens more than you would think. Sometimes baby has their own plans.  I will work closely with you and we can always work around baby’s schedule. I promise you will have your session one way or another!

Can others join in the Lifestyle Session?

Of course! This is all about photographing your new baby in their new element. We also want to make sure to include Dad, siblings, fur babies and anything you believe would be a special addition to your session.

Lifestyle Newborn Session where family is in their element with their new bundle of joy.

Do you want your home to be the background of your photos?

I ask this because Lifestyle photography uses your home as the backdrop for your photos. This is a magical way to photograph in a place where many of your memories will be made. However, your case may be different and you could have just moved to the area, and may not have your household belongings luckily, I have a Lifestyle set up in my studio and that option is available to you as well. We will also discuss lighting (windows), wall colors, overall color scheme and the perfect time to schedule in Colorado.

Black and white Lifestyle Newborn Session

Do you have any examples of a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

Yes, meet the Cisler family, they welcomed their beautiful baby girl 5 weeks early. What is even crazier is that her big brother had also made his entrance 5 weeks early too! They chose to have a Lifestyle Newborn SessionBaby A spent 3 days in the NICU, Mom and Dad say, “she is a fighter”. Big brother J is all boy, he loves to rough house, run around the house and always on the go. Big brother J completely shocked Mom and Dad when they brought baby A home, he showed nothing but love and protection as he completely stepped up to be the role of big brother.

Family is included and each members bond shown with the baby is unique

Now its all on you!

Are you ready to schedule your Lifestyle Session with MAJECK Photography? Or do you have any more questions you’d like to ask first?

You can contact me here- I am more than happy to answer and questions you may have and would love to hear from you.


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