Bride and Groom

A Thunder Butte Mountain Wedding Full of Fun

A Thunder Butte Wedding Full of Fun!

Bride and Groom

Meet the Bride and Groom

Ashley and Andrew had a wedding to remember. They were the most laid back and fun couple. It was my pleasure of photographing their beautiful wedding day. They were so in love you can tell in every image. The couple would just look at each other and smile even if they were doorways apart.


A Bride and her Bridal Crew!

getting ready with the brides mom and bridal party

I love to capture these hours right before the ceremony. I get to see laughter, tears, and so many raw emotions. This is where the women tell stories of all kinds while getting ready. The bride is telling us what she loves most about her husband and what she is looking forward to once they tie the knot. In Ashley’s case, she’s excited to go on more adventures and collect more momentos of her time with Andrew. She got out all her nerves as the time dwindled down. It’s a beautiful moment for me to be apart of.  Ashley was just so calm, her laugh is infectious and she really never stopped laughing. If you were in the room you know she was ready to marry her groom, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind she was ready! I captured so many beautiful moments, above you see the makeup bag, the zipping of the gown, fun conversation and some bridal party photos. The best moment was Ashley opening the gift that Andrew gave her… Bath treats and a necklace filled with tiny I Love Yous.

The Groom, his mom and his groomsmen.
Groom, his mom and his friends before the wedding

The groom was emotional and Alice (my second photographer for the day) and I thought it was so beautiful. If you were there you could tell how much he was ready for this day and how much he loves his bride. Ashley had a gift delivered to her groom before the ceremony and it was an assortment of photographs. Those photographs were of the bride and groom throughout their journey of life together, when he went through the photos he immediately started to tear up. Alice loved capturing the raw emotion, it was so powerful and shows through the photos. The groom also spent a little time with his mom while getting ready, they took a walk outside and just talked. His mother also gave him a present (pictured above with the blue writing) it says, ” To my dear son on your wedding day. My heart is filled with memories of you when you were small. I’ve loved you through them all”. They have a very close relationship and you could tell how much love they have for one another.

Here comes the Bride!

guest and family

This ceremony was absolutely amazing, a little back story is that the bride is an event planner and planned the entire ceremony and all of the details. She even coordinated her wedding the day of! What made it even more special was that the Groom’s Aunt signed the entire ceremony in ASL because many of his family members (including his mother) are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. My grandmother was born deaf and my daughter was born Hard of Hearing, so it was beautiful to see this blended seemlessly into a wedding day.


The Details
details from the wedding

It was a gorgeous wedding full of beautiful props and handmade items. The colors of fall really popped and went well with the weather and lighting. The brides dress was a gorgeous ivory with beautiful detail inside the dress throughout the train. The sign was one of my favorite detail because it read, ” Come as you are, stay as long as you can, we’re all family here, so no seating plan”. This wedding was very special to me because every single person I spoke to, looked at, heard talking in the distance were all so friendly, so loving, so happy for the couple. The silly details that some worry about ( you know the aunt that can’t sit by the grandma because something happened 5 years ago) didn’t exist here and the love in the air from everyone was breathable!


After portraits it was time to cut lose and relax. With an outdoor reception area and perfect weather, the couple and their family’s danced the night away. As we left the Lodge we could hear the sound of laughter and music continuing. It was a beautiful beginning to what we are no doubt sure will be a wonderful life.

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