A Woodland Park Wedding to Remember in Colorado

The Marksbury/Philipose Wedding

A Woodland Park wedding to remember where the importance of family truly shined from every member that attended. It was an honor to photograph this wedding and witness all the love that everyone had for each other.
The unconditional love just explodes in this photo from not only the couple but their families too!

Meet the Bride and Groom

Halie and Jubin were the sweetest couple, not only were they obsessed with each other they were beautifully obsessed with their daughter sweet A. Family was very important to the couple which hits home for me because family is everything to me. The different relationships between the bride and her mother, the bride and her sister and so many more were all built in love. Making this a Colorado mountain wedding to remember.

Bride and Groom Romantics at Woodland Park

The couples unconditional love for their daughter, they wanted to make sure she was included in every aspect of their special day.

A Day to Remember at Woodland Park

This wedding was a wedding to remember, the love from their family and friends was absolutely remarkable! What struck me the most was how many of their family members came from Texas just to celebrate their perfect day. Every single person was so happy to be there for them. Jubin’s mother is originally from India and was in the Sorry. There were fire ants all along the path to the alter space. The beginning of the ceremony Jubin stopped and started smacking fire ants out of the Bride’s dress. It created this incredible moment of Jubin’s selflessness. However, the most important part was them becoming one in front of their daughter.

Grooms mother dressed so beautifully.
Beautiful Mother of the Groom.

Groom picking fire ants off his bride!

So many family members came in from Texas it was amazing how many members came to celebrate them.
So many family members came from Texas to Colorado to watch the couple wed, It was truly remarkable.

The Bride and Groom become one in front of their precious daughter at Woodland Park.

Getting Ready at the Woodland Park Airbnb.

The wedding was held at a Woodland Park Airbnb . It is important right now to communicate with owners of these homes so that no rules are being broke for a celebration. The Bride and Groom did just that!

What I really adored about the getting ready process was that they made sure to include their daughter every step of the way. All of the girls wore the same outfit including Miss A. She was so in love with her mommy’s dress it was the cutest thing ever!  They snuggled on the bed while getting ready and that’s what getting ready photos are about – celebrating each moment and relationship. The Airbnb had a lot of places to take photos and the lighting was incredible.

The Wedding took place at a Woodland Park Airbnb

The bride made sure her sweet girl was included every step of the way.
It was very important to the bride that her daughter was included every step of the way.
The getting ready process of this lovely wedding in the Woodland Park Airbnb.
Getting Ready concluded with a first look with bridesmaids.

The bride made sure her sweet girl was included every step of the way.

Wedding Detail Shots
The Details of the wedding included rings, the delicious cake and the invitation – designed by the bride herself.

More Detail Shots, this Woodland Park Airbnb had a lot of windows for great lighting.
It’s Go Time- Meet the Wedding Party

The Bridal party consisted of Halie’s childhood friend who recently got her law degree ( the officiant), her sister (Matron of Honor), Little Miss A ( her daughter), and the rest were her close friends. On the Grooms side were four of Jubin’s closest friends. The bride and groom wanted an even number for their party so their officiant also stepped in to even out the Grooms side and stepped in for some photos too!

Wedding party at Woodland Park

It’s Time to Party!

I was a gorgeous June day at the Woodland Park Airbnb. The reception was so much fun people were dancing, posing silly, and truly just enjoying every minute. It was such a wedding to remember because it didn’t matter what side you came to support no one would every know that one family member was not related to the other because they were all that beautifully blended together in love.

The Reception at Woodland Park
This wedding was more than perfect in so many ways. The love shown was absolutely beautiful and I was so blessed that I got to be a part of something like this. Family is so important to me and it warms my heart to know that love like this still exists in our World.

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