Back on 2022 with MAJECK

Back on 2022 with MAJECK

Looking back on 2022 with MAJECK

Looking back on 2022 with MAJECK. 2022 was a year of constant change at MAJECK. As I moved through the year as a single mother for the first time since my oldest was 1. It was definitely a challenge to find a balance. However, this made me even more thankful for each person we interacted with over the past 12 months and the grace and compassion that they showed me. Looking back now, it is shocking to know that we have come this far with the business. I’m excited to see what changes 2023 brings.

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January- Back on 2022 with MAJECK

In January, we closed on our new studio and it became a safe haven for moms who needed a moment to chat, grab a cup of coffee and more. My kids and I actually lived downstairs in what is now our studio space while we renovated upstairs. Then, we moved upstairs while we renovated downstairs! The talented Daystar Bath & Flooring was incredible throughout the renovation process and I love so much about our space now.

Back on 2022 with MAJECK
Back on 2022 with MAJECK. studio

My favorite thing is most certainly the bathroom. Boudoir photos in here are F-I-R-E so reach out if you are interested in this.

Back on 2022 with MAJECK

February and March- Back on 2022 with MAJECK.

February and March had so many cake smashes and us clearing out the old space to get ready for our new home at MAJECK Studios. We also got to head up to Estes Park for a gorgeous wedding at Della Terra. The wind caused some hiccups but the bride and her ladies made the best of it with some impromptu sexy pics to surprise their guys with!

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In April, I took time off and finally traveled to Europe with a 2020 trip that was rescheduled. I was able to take my eldest daughter to meet her great-grandmother and visit my mother-in-law’s girlhood home. The smells, sights and food were all incredible and I loved sharing the experience with Alice. We brought along our camera and got some fun film and digital images of so many moments.

Back on 2022 with MAJEKC

May Through July

May through July were a whirlwind of weddings. I loved all of the colors and the team and I got to watch so many couples who truly love each other and their families pledge their love to each other. This July wedding in Oklahoma was a favorite of mine and check out their sweet video here.

August Through The New Year!

This seemed to be the year of high school sweethearts as about half of the couples we captured met as young teens and are still together a decade or more later! These couples have seen things, been through the trials and love each other deeply. It was such an honor to capture the beginning of their next step. Months later and I’m still smiling. In the midst of all of this, we kept up family sessions, boudoir and studio shoots.

When September came around my youngest kiddo ended up very sick and continued to go through bouts through the end of the year. I lost count of how many times I’ve been in the doctors office or hospital in the final months of 2022, but we ended the year with a reason and a solution so I’m hoping for a healthier 2023.

2022 weddings

What I learned in 2022

All of these things helped me to realize and reconsider priorities for 2023 with MAJECK. Our cake smash pricing is going up specifically because of the amount of prep and clean up surrounding it. I love smash sessions and really enjoy celebrating with families, so returning families will receive $50 off the smash session cost. We are also rolling out our Cake Smash, Studio and Family/Maternity scheduler feature. This will allow customers to book directly from the website and hopefully help families set up their sessions with little stress. Look for this in the Spring.

Sessions will have a non refundable $75 booking fee to be used towards the full session fee that can be found at The goal with the scheduler links is to set positive boundaries with a work/life balance with me (which I was not good at last year) and help me improve my overall quality of service for customers. I want to provide a positive experience for each customer and ensure that from booking to gallery delivery the session was easy to complete.

I also want more time to create art that is meaningful. Images that tug on my heart strings as well as yours. Traditionally, I giveaway one family session each year but this year I wanted to do something a bit differently. My kids are my world, the reason I have kept pushing myself through 2022. I know many mothers and fathers feel this way and struggle to be able to breathe and just BE with their children. Even harder is getting into the frame with the little people who mean so much.

Passion Project and Giveaway!

In 2023 I am launching a new project. Looking back at 2022 with MAJECK and my family, I know how much motherhood means. The Motherhood Moment Project The goal with this project is capture motherhood in all it’s glory. I’ll be visiting a family who I’ve followed since Baby 1 was first in her momma’s belly for an in home session. However, I am looking for two additional mothers who would like to capture their moments with their children. This will be done as fine art in studio or as an experience out and about (think park, play day, shopping, coffee).

To enter, share this blog post and email us the screenshot and your name/children’s names! These sessions will be done in the first four months of 2023 and include the session fee and two images – fully retouched.

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Hi and thanks for dropping by! I’m Mary Elizabeth, the Colorado Springs based photographer behind MAJECK (pronounced magic). I am so glad that you found me here and I can’t wait to work to tell your story. My whole life I have felt compelled to tell stories. I have been drawn to portraits and the stories they would tell for as long as I can remember.