Colorado Extended Family Session

Extended Family Sessions with MAJECK

Extended Family Sessions with MAJECK

Extended Family Sessions with MAJECK make for an unforgettable experience. When families reach out to my team and I about scheduling an extended family I do a little dance. Most of you don’t know that I lost my sister at a young age, and when I go to look for photos of her, I realize we have maybe 4 photos. This is why it is so important for me to stress the importance of Family Sessions, so the more the merrier. I love meeting new clients, building new relationships and getting to know each and every one of the family members involved in the session.

extended family
A gorgeous Holiday Extended Family Session

What to expect when you book Extended Family Sessions with MAJECK.

Our first encounter will be either an e-mail, phone call or message on Facebook. Once we figure out what type of session, a date and time, I will send over a contract an invoice. From there you will also a receive a questionnaire, this questionnaire helps me get to know each and everyone of you involved in the session. I like to get to know every one on a personal level so that I know how to photograph you based on what you are comfortable with.

I will always hear you, because I really care.

Here at MAJECK we build connections with our clients. We want to hear your ideas, visions, and things you don’t like too! Those things being; angles you prefer, places you favor, outfit choices, combos or colors. We also like to know a little about your relationships to each other, why do you want these photos taken? How are these sessions important to you? Is this session for a memory, a card, a photo book, or maybe even a gift? If we need to meet in person, via zoom, or over coffee I’m here.

How many people can be photographed in the Extended Family Session?

The more the merrier, Extended Family Sessions with MAJECK are meant to be big! It’s so amazing to be able to watch how you all react to one another. I’m one of 7 and I get the connections and the dynamics in big groupings. I understand the importance of relationships whether they are close friends, or family we will get the perfect shot!

How do you get us to cooperate, pose, smile?

What I love is that you all laugh, joke, and play together. I want you to pose, but I also appreciate natural shots, meaning that if you want to just go on a walk or do a little dance, I will be right behind you taking that magical shot. However, these are still timed sessions and you must remember that trying to get 10-12 people to all look at the camera can take 20 minutes and that’s for one shot. So time management is also key to a successful session, but don’t worry I will have my time scheduled perfectly.

Colorado Extended Family Session


Why are Extended Family Sessions with MAJECK Important?

Extended Family Sessions are important because things change, people go away, families blend, people change and families grow. Sometimes the unexpected happens, death, divorce, new blessings, generations expand, and so on. Even life changes like adopting new pets, because they are family too right?! All of these moments equally important, and I want to be apart of it all. These memories will last you forever, you can share with your family, you can hang on a canvas or maybe even send a card.

Extended Family Collage

The possibilities are endless!

How to Book?
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