Fall in Love with the Fall Mini

The Magic of a Fall Mini

Fall in love with the "Fall Mini!" Vibrant colors and gorgeous rocks at the beautiful Roxborough State Park.
Fall in love with the “Fall Mini!” Vibrant colors and gorgeous rocks at the beautiful Roxborough State Park.

Does anything say Autumn like the beautiful Fall colors of Colorado?

This October, many families booked a “Fall Mini.” Each of these sessions has been nothing short of magical. And they were made even better, as families were able to stroll through our majestic state and local parks during the crescendo of colors.

Capturing the magic of families during our fall mini sessions in Colorado.
Capturing the magic of families during our Fall Mini sessions in Colorado.

This particular day was brimming with warmth and love. The family looked idyllic as they traced their path through the trees. Rust-colored peaks towered sharply in the background, crowned in glittering gold, and leaves slowly released themselves from their branches, floating freely to the forest floor. 

Fall reminds us that everything changes, but there are some memories and moments we want to have last forever.


I love offering these seasonal sessions!

A 15 minute Fall Mini, which is part of my
“Magic Mini Session,” is the perfect way to capture those precious moments with your family. You’ll get images that look gorgeous for years to come, and are the perfect opportunity to cherish these fleeting memories.

A Fall Mini is the best of both worlds. It is just long enough for sweet photos, but brief enough that we don’t lose the attention of tiny humans. 

A HUGE Secret to a Successful Mini: Be Prepared, and follow the style guide!

The “F” family joined me for a Fall Mini at the beautiful Roxborough State Park. The weather was perfect, the colors were at their peak, and the family dressed in navy and marigold.

They followed the client style guide – which is sent prior to every Mini Session- perfectly. The family showed up ready for fun, which gave us plenty  of time for more candid family moments, like Dad combing M’s hair, or her picking up a flower from the path for Mom.

It was the most magical way to spend an Autumn afternoon.


Nothing could be more precious than little “M” giggling and playing with Mom and Dad,  or sweet tender family kisses snuck-in between poses and skips.

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Mary Elizabeth Fabian is a photographer and the owner of MAJECK Photography. Her focus is on telling stories and capturing emotions that highlight fleeting moments in the lives of families across the US. To book her for a Fall Mini click here.


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