First Communion Portraits at St. Peter the Rock

First Communion Portraits are so Special! We are offering

Hello and Happy Easter! I’m Mary Elizabeth and I’ll be capturing your child’s First Communion portrait and the Mass itself this May! I grew up and am Catholic and love celebrating the sacraments with my own children. I am so excited for your family and your child to get to participate in this important part of our faith.

Your Religious Education Program is covering the cost of the Mass and the Group Portrait afterwards. However, we will be offering individual portraits both before and after Mass for families who would like to participate. These are being done at a discount thanks to the Religious Education Program.

Children will enter through the main entrance of the Chapel (on the north end of the parking lot) and start with their portrait in front of the altar. From there, participants will move to the second location for a portrait kneeling at the stained glass window. Students will then exit from the door by the altar. Appointments will be ten minutes apart in case there is a need to adjust outfits or hair. Parents will get to select one digital image from their gallery for download. The cost is $30. You may book your appointment below!

I also know that many families may have individuals visiting from out of town. The afternoon of May 13th are my annual Mother’s Day Blossom Portraits – with our beautiful flowering trees in Colorado Springs. You are welcome to book those here.

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First Communion Photographer Colorado Springs


Hi and thanks for dropping by! I’m Mary Elizabeth, the Colorado Springs based photographer behind MAJECK (pronounced magic). I am so glad that you found me here and I can’t wait to work to tell your story. My whole life I have felt compelled to tell stories. I have been drawn to portraits and the stories they would tell for as long as I can remember.