It’s Okay to Be Nervous

I have a confession to make… I get crazy nervous when the time comes for our family portraits – or my maternity portraits. I worry about my outfit, the family all coordinating and if my makeup is going to look good on camera. Add to that… After over ten years of marriage I think my husband and I have managed not to be annoyed with each other for ONE of our annual portrait sessions. I know I am not the only mom that feels this way and I want to help my clients overcome it as much as possible!

Yesterday, I had a mom tell me she felt awkward in front of the camera. I get it… What looks best? Where should my hand go? Are my pictures turning out? I get it because I have been there.

And so… I created a Pinterest account for MAJECK! I am actively building out boards for inspiration for your next session? What do I wear? How should my hair be? What kind of makeup is best? How do I make sure that my kiddos are cute AND comfortable? I want to provide as many answers to your questions and moments for inspiration as I can so that when we get to picture day you are at ease!

Rather than send you out looking for your own inspiration – let me help! I have curated these boards and will continue to curate them so that when we are talking and planning your next session – you have the ability to point to a specific without hours of searching!

This is just one more way that I can support you as my client and as a person who is concerned with getting the best possible outcome from my services!

Are you ready to book your next portrait session? Contact me and let’s talk!
Meanwhile – follow our Pinterest Account and create your Inspiration Board!

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Hi and thanks for dropping by! I’m Mary Elizabeth, the Colorado Springs based photographer behind MAJECK (pronounced magic). I am so glad that you found me here and I can’t wait to work to tell your story. My whole life I have felt compelled to tell stories. I have been drawn to portraits and the stories they would tell for as long as I can remember.