Family Portrait Sessions – Magic in the Moment

Family Portrait Sessions

I believe that there is magic in every moment.

When I opened MAJECK, I knew that I didn’t want to just make a ton of money but to really learn about and celebrate the people I work with. Pictures are my most treasured possession – mostly because of my childhood. I wanted that magic to be captured in family portraits.

Pictures are Important

My oldest sister died when I was ten. It was sudden. It was tragic in that there was no warning at all. She contracted a parasite volunteering in a Turkish children’s hospital and died of a massive heart attack at just 26. She was 16 when I was born and then college and marriage kept her from being a daily presence in my life. As such, I have one distinctive, clear visual memory of her. I also have just one photo of her – my grandmother’s copy of her graduation portrait. Things like this shape your outlook of the world, or at least it shaped mine.

I’ve made sure my whole adult life to get into pictures at least once a year and to print them and display them. Sure, it is a digital age and selfies are Queen (slay, okay?) but those prints – they are tangible. I have also made sure to do giveaways ever since I opened to capture family portraits even for those who might not otherwise be able to afford the luxury. It is becoming a bit of a tradition to do this at the beginning of the year for me.

Last Year’s Family Portraits – the Winners

Last year’s giveaway winner was the D Family. It was amazing to get to have their session be my first for 2020 because it put everything in perspective! Their beautiful little girl with her red hair was the focal point of the family. Watching how Mom, Dad and sisters all worked to support this cutie, to keep her comfortable and happy during their family portraits was incredibly touching. A year later I can still hear the way they spoke to her and how each family member took on a role. Protector, comforter, Friend, Hair Stylist…

It was magical. And they now have family portraits on their property to remember these moments and their girls at these stages.

I am so excited to do it again!

This Year – Family Portrait – the Giveaway

As 2021 begins it is time to give away another Family Portrait session. As I travel between San Antonio, Deland (FL) and Colorado quite often the giveaway is open to people in any of these locations!

First Place – A Capture Magic Family Portrait session with a gallery of 30 images and 15 downloads.
Second Place – 25% off of a Capture Magic Session!

Plus! One entry who chooses to book a session by 1/31 will be selected to win a 16×12 canvas from their session.

Step One – Entry

To enter, fill out the entry form with a story about your family that may be posted to Social Media along with a picture. Tell me how long it has been since you had portraits, about how you met or anything that you feel like sharing.

Due Date – January 10th

Step Two – On January 11th I will post all entries in an album on my Facebook Page and voting will start. Be sure to like/follow the page so that you can participate in voting!

Step Three – Share your entry and vote!

Step Four – The Entry with the most reactions will win – Giveaway ends on January 18th and the winner will be announced at 8pm MST.

*All sessions must be used by 12/31/21 and are subject to scheduling with MAJECK.

Mary Elizabeth is a photographer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado who travels wherever the story takes her. In 2020, her work was featured in Brides of Houston and multiple digital magazines.


Hi and thanks for dropping by! I’m Mary Elizabeth, the Colorado Springs based photographer behind MAJECK (pronounced magic). I am so glad that you found me here and I can’t wait to work to tell your story. My whole life I have felt compelled to tell stories. I have been drawn to portraits and the stories they would tell for as long as I can remember.