Welcome to My World!

You have found MAJECK! I’m so glad you are here and exploring our little piece of the Internet. While our About us shares a little – I feel like a blog can share quite a bit more.

MAJECK is the brain child of several years of conversations between me (Mary Elizabeth) and my husband (James). As an IT and Networking guy in the Army, James went all over the world, including two tours overseas. When he got out, he worked for a few years in the Private Sector while I built my reputation as a consultant and garnered clients across the country. But we kept talking about the possibility of opening up a real shop… together. I recognized that my skill set made me unique – experience in Finance, Education, Marketing and Intellectual Property. However, his skill set combined with mine could make us stand out! And so, with a new year upon us we agreed to give this a go.

We also decided to combine a passion of mine – photography – into the mix. I had been using my skills for clients for a couple of years at this point, but hadn’t branched out to the part I loved the most – lifestyle. Sure, my friends and family lucked out but now was the time to really expand. I am so glad that I did.

Five days into the new year and I shot my first newborn session today. As a mom of three (and one on the way) these sessions are so beautiful to me. Capturing the joy of a family as they bring something new into their world. It’s an honor to be invited into that. I couldn’t wait to get home and edit a few just to surprise the family with some beautiful pictures.

So, as they enjoy their portraits of their newborn, I am working hard to enjoy this new endeavor of James’ and mine. Change is scary – but following your passion is worth it!


Hi and thanks for dropping by! I’m Mary Elizabeth, the Colorado Springs based photographer behind MAJECK (pronounced magic). I am so glad that you found me here and I can’t wait to work to tell your story. My whole life I have felt compelled to tell stories. I have been drawn to portraits and the stories they would tell for as long as I can remember.