Breckenridge at Sunrise

couple embracing at sunrise

I love my job. I seriously love waking up every day, meeting new people and creating art to go on people’s walls. Even better, there is travel involved! Adventure is everywhere if you just look and that what I did with Nicole and Ryan.

Teaching her how to skip rocks

I posted on a military page that I was looking for a couple willing to wake up and do a sunrise session with me in Breckenridge and these two awesome newlyweds drove over 2 hours before the sun to do just that. For an hour we hiked around Sawmill Reservoir, skipped rocks and laughed so very hard. It turns off they had run off and gotten married but had no pictures and Ryan’s mom wanted them. This was perfection!


When couples reach out to me for their elopement and engagement portraits and have visions in mind, I work very hard to bring those visions to life. Sunrise isn’t easy on everyone – but when you can do it – it is so worth it. The sun glows on everything and begins to fill the earth up with warmth – it’s kind of like how love makes you feel. Out of body. Etheral. Just incredible.

Of course, not all of our images were specifically lifestyle – although my style is to let every session naturally move through the paces and create it’s own story. I am here for elopements and couples sessions to tell your love story through photography. I’ll pose when needed but I much prefer to do a combination of prompts and observing your interaction. Love is beautiful. I don’t need to force anything.

intimate moments captured

As I have moved through 2019, I have discovered just how much I love working with couples planning their elopements. In 2020, I will be offering a new line of elopement packages for those adventurous couples wanting a photographer to capture their moment and breathtaking natural backdrops. If that is you – message me for my 2019 prices!

To see the full album, including some crazy antics, click here!

Crow Wedding

bride holding bouquet

Hogwarts Express to a Wedding

I have a confession to make… I have never read or watched anything from the Harry Potter Series. It just wasn’t my thing.

Have you recovered yet?

bride with bouquet and veil
Jillian did an amazing job creating this necklace and bouquet

However, a recent bride had a Harry Potter theme wedding and even as a muggle I was able to appreciate all of the details. Jillian was an incredible DIY bride, creating her bouquets, decorations and an exquisite necklace for her big day. From the first consultation, I knew this couple was going to be fun and boy was I right!

With rain forecasted because Colorado was crazy – the first day of summer brought snow to many wedding days – we were able to capture Jillian and her parents together ahead of the ceremony. We also had beautiful bridal portraits with stormy clouds and Garden of the

bride hugging father
Check out Dad’s Harry Potter tie!

Gods in the background. As the Bride entered her wedding, the skies opened up and it poured. It absolutely added to the mood.

The bride used her wizardry to transform a fairly plain space to a twinkling cavern complete with letters to Hogwarts and floating candles. Each house had its flag on display and the Flying Keys welcomed guests into the ceremony. I don’t have to be a Harry Potter nerd to appreciate the effort that level of detail requires and it didn’t stop there! The reception was filled with little nods to this theme and even David and Jillian’s parents got in on the fun with some great glasses!

bride and groom outside brick wallWith smiles and big personalities, we got some fun bridal party portraits inside. Then, just before my time with them ended, we were able to sneak away for a few pictures of the Bride and her Groom outdoors. And of course, confirming that she was the ultimate bride – she hummed Ironic as we walked around the corner our portraits!

Congratulations – may you have a magical life together!


This couple contracted me for a 2.5 hours of bridal coverage. Weddings like this typically include bridal portraits, ceremony and bridal party. Additional time is required for reception and guest portraits.