Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

Santa and Children Set up for Fine Art Style portraits

Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

I love Christmas, as a little girl I would watch out the window to see if he would be visible on Christmas Eve. When I lived in Florida, I would dream every year for a Christmas miracle – snow.  Now, living in Colorado and getting to fully embrace all of the beauty of the holiday season – I’m a bit like Buddy the Elf. I love being able to bring Santa and offer Santa Minis in Colorado Springs to MAJECK clients.

About the Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

I love this set up so much that I have decided to actually offer two different styles of photos for the Santa Minis in Colorado Springs. The two styles I have chosen for these photos are a Fine Arts Style and Portrait Style. Both styles are amazing in different ways, depending on how you like your photos to look. Fine Arts Style is a painted effect with beautiful soft images. Think of Christmas cards of old. The Portrait is my basic studio portrait option still magical, just a little less whimsy!

To book a Santa Mini Session please click  Book A Santa Mini

What do both Santa Minis in Colorado Springs include?

-Each session is 15-20 minutes.
-Only two sessions per hour to allow cleaning the set and disinfecting between clients.
-Santa will be sharing Christmas cookies with each participant
-Each booking will include a Christmas ornament and 3 images.
-Pre purchased print and card options will also be available. This represents a savings and will cost more at Gallery Delivery.
-Two different styles with the same $100 non-refundable booking fee.

Santa with girls in Colorado Springs wearing vintage nightgowns
Left Image: Portrait / Right Image: Fine Art

What are the differences between the Santa Minis options?

The first option is the Fine Art option. This is an artistic, painted portrait effect. The total cost of the experience is $375. Families will be able to select their 3 images in a viewing gallery and they will be finalized and emailed through the gallery system. Additional Images will be $35 each.

Santa Photos Fine Art Style in Colorado Springs Photo Studio
Fine Art

The second option is our Traditional Portrait option. This is a standard portrait and is $250. Families will be able to select their 3 images in a viewing gallery and they will be ready to download within 24 hours. Additional Images will be $15.

Santa Minis in Colorado Springs Photo Studio
Portrait Style

How Do I Book a Santa Mini Session  with MAJECK?

If you would like to book a Santa Mini Session please click  Book A Santa Mini

If you have any questions please: Contact Me Here


MAJECK Photography is a Best of the Springs Nominee, licensed and insured to do business in Colorado. Our desire is to provide magical experiences this Christmas season.

Coming to Florida!

One of the amazing things about our business is that it affords me the opportunity to travel when I want/need to. Sometimes, I travel for business, visiting clients in the SE. Other times it is for family or pleasure (last summer to improve my craft I was able to take my family across the United States visiting 25 states and meet clients at the same time!).

Recently, I received a phone call that my father was receiving the Malcom Knowles award. This is, perhaps, the most prestigious award an educator in the field of self directed learning can receive. Of course, I am so proud of Dad and thankful for his influence in my life. His entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged me in building MAJECK and he has fostered a love of education in me from an early age. Of course, I wanted to be there and booked my flights yesterday!

So, why am I sharing this with you, my reader? For two reasons… The first, a shameless plug if you are in Florida and looking for pictures to be taken. I’m offering mini sessions at Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge! It is the perfect opportunity to update your head shots or some new family pictures for the new year! I’m ready to capture some magic for your family! Message me from the Facebook page or send me an email and I’ll be happy to add you to my calendar!

My Shameless Plug! I’d love to photograph you while in Florida!

The other reason is probably more important…

We live in an incredible time. There are so many opportunities for individuals such as yourself to build a business and take it anywhere you want to. Social Media and other Internet Marketing tools is a large part of this. You need to be creating content everywhere you go. This is an industry tool that is ignored because those who don’t understand it are afraid of it. Don’t be afraid, learn or reach out to MAJECK and start creating magic for your business! Shoot me an email today!

Welcome to My World!

You have found MAJECK! I’m so glad you are here and exploring our little piece of the Internet. While our About us shares a little – I feel like a blog can share quite a bit more.

MAJECK is the brain child of several years of conversations between me (Mary Elizabeth) and my husband (James). As an IT and Networking guy in the Army, James went all over the world, including two tours overseas. When he got out, he worked for a few years in the Private Sector while I built my reputation as a consultant and garnered clients across the country. But we kept talking about the possibility of opening up a real shop… together. I recognized that my skill set made me unique – experience in Finance, Education, Marketing and Intellectual Property. However, his skill set combined with mine could make us stand out! And so, with a new year upon us we agreed to give this a go.

We also decided to combine a passion of mine – photography – into the mix. I had been using my skills for clients for a couple of years at this point, but hadn’t branched out to the part I loved the most – lifestyle. Sure, my friends and family lucked out but now was the time to really expand. I am so glad that I did.

Five days into the new year and I shot my first newborn session today. As a mom of three (and one on the way) these sessions are so beautiful to me. Capturing the joy of a family as they bring something new into their world. It’s an honor to be invited into that. I couldn’t wait to get home and edit a few just to surprise the family with some beautiful pictures.

So, as they enjoy their portraits of their newborn, I am working hard to enjoy this new endeavor of James’ and mine. Change is scary – but following your passion is worth it!