Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

Santa and Children Set up for Fine Art Style portraits

Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

I love Christmas, as a little girl I would watch out the window to see if he would be visible on Christmas Eve. When I lived in Florida, I would dream every year for a Christmas miracle – snow.  Now, living in Colorado and getting to fully embrace all of the beauty of the holiday season – I’m a bit like Buddy the Elf. I love being able to bring Santa and offer Santa Minis in Colorado Springs to MAJECK clients.

About the Santa Minis in Colorado Springs

I love this set up so much that I have decided to actually offer two different styles of photos for the Santa Minis in Colorado Springs. The two styles I have chosen for these photos are a Fine Arts Style and Portrait Style. Both styles are amazing in different ways, depending on how you like your photos to look. Fine Arts Style is a painted effect with beautiful soft images. Think of Christmas cards of old. The Portrait is my basic studio portrait option still magical, just a little less whimsy!

To book a Santa Mini Session please click  Book A Santa Mini

What do both Santa Minis in Colorado Springs include?

-Each session is 15-20 minutes.
-Only two sessions per hour to allow cleaning the set and disinfecting between clients.
-Santa will be sharing Christmas cookies with each participant
-Each booking will include a Christmas ornament and 3 images.
-Pre purchased print and card options will also be available. This represents a savings and will cost more at Gallery Delivery.
-Two different styles with the same $100 non-refundable booking fee.

Santa with girls in Colorado Springs wearing vintage nightgowns
Left Image: Portrait / Right Image: Fine Art

What are the differences between the Santa Minis options?

The first option is the Fine Art option. This is an artistic, painted portrait effect. The total cost of the experience is $375. Families will be able to select their 3 images in a viewing gallery and they will be finalized and emailed through the gallery system. Additional Images will be $35 each.

Santa Photos Fine Art Style in Colorado Springs Photo Studio
Fine Art

The second option is our Traditional Portrait option. This is a standard portrait and is $250. Families will be able to select their 3 images in a viewing gallery and they will be ready to download within 24 hours. Additional Images will be $15.

Santa Minis in Colorado Springs Photo Studio
Portrait Style

How Do I Book a Santa Mini Session  with MAJECK?

If you would like to book a Santa Mini Session please click  Book A Santa Mini

If you have any questions please: Contact Me Here


MAJECK Photography is a Best of the Springs Nominee, licensed and insured to do business in Colorado. Our desire is to provide magical experiences this Christmas season.

Summer Family Photos in Colorado Springs

Colorado Family Lifestyle Photo - family looking at butterfly

Summer Family Photo Sessions
(With a cake smash)
Family and cake, what’s not to love?

Family photo sessions are all about capturing moments, making memories, and bringing out the beautiful personalities of the ones you love. My job is literally MAJECK-AL, and behind the lens I get to see it all. Even when you are unsure of  how everything may turn out – trust the process of my summer family photo sessions. Maybe you are chasing after kids, nervous, or a mini meltdown unfolds. I am here to let you know that it is okay, all of those things can be turned into beautiful moments, we never knew could exist. And those big personalities? They are what make your family wonderfully unique. We want those in your family photos session.

A Summer Afternoon

The Dean Family was so much fun to work with.  Dad, a Veteran and someone who says “I Don’t Like Posed Photos”,  was extremely social and absolutely loves the outdoors. Honestly, he kept me on my toes with how much exploring he did. The kids and I were just along for the ride.

Summer Family photo of dad with children
Dad and babies pose by the creek. They were busy looking at the stream and I called over to them and snapped this sweet “posed” but not “forced” image.

At one point, Dad caught a butterfly and let the kids all examine it. Then, when the kids were ready he let it just fly away. It’s easy to get great photos of your little ones, just let them explore nature. When they forget that I’m there, the scene is set for memorable moments and great summer family photos.


Dad catches a butterfly for his kids to explore during family photo session in Colorado
The most perfect unplanned moment, created the perfect summer photo. Dad shows the kids the butterfly he caught and they explored it together.

Mom, opened up very quickly and we were able to capture beautiful moments with her babies just snuggling in. They have three sweet kiddos,  A is spontaneous , N is the sweetheart, and L is just a sweet smiley baby. All of their personalities were able to shine on this beautiful summer day near Colorado Springs.  The session was, “move, move, move”, and the kids loved it. I start sessions like this with families just snuggling for a more traditional portrait and then we just let go. We didn’t stress on posing and instead, just took the hour of portraits as it came. This is what lifestyle photography is all about. Unposed, unscripted – uniquely your family.

Mom, Dad, baby and two daughters pose by the creek for summer portraits.
Here, Mom is glowing with her gorgeous smile. You can see all those sweet personalities of these gorgeous babies.
Daughter snuggles mom and smiles big during summer family picture session
Snuggled up in mommy’s arm is the perfect place to be.

Cake Smash Time

As we got towards the end of the session that’s when the real fun began. Colorado has a long winter but when summer comes it’s perfect to get summer family photos and cake is always a welcome addition!

Colorado cake smash, first birthday, family session
This sweet boy was so gentle with his cake, it was as if he knew his mama made it will love and didn’t want to damage it.

The session ended with the family pulling out a little blue cake that was made by mom to celebrate L’s birthday. It had a cute little fishing pole attached to add the perfect little touch. I laid down some a beautiful white blankets and started shooting. Little man, at first wasn’t into it, so Dad decided to help get him more messy by diving in the cake himself face first!  The family continued to just celebrate baby, eat cake and play with butterflies. At the end they washed off in the creek, and used towels I suggested they bring for an easy cleanup.

Colorado cake smash outdoor during summer pictures with dad helping
However, Dad didn’t think Baby L was getting messy enough, so he decided to get Baby L and Himself in the cake…Literally.

Summer Photos during a family session at the Creek in Colorado

I aim to tell the story of your family, so I capture every special moment when I can. A child’s first birthday is special for EVERYONE. Capturing family photos in these sessions is very important to me as well. The incorporation of nature, love, exploration and ease with the Dean family told such a fun story and let’s them preserve this for a long time to come.

Summer Family Photo Outfits

This was the perfect summer afternoon and Fountain Creek Nature Center is a gorgeous spot to enjoy the sun and beauty. Summer Family Photos in Colorado Springs are relaxed and beautiful when you book with MAJECK. Many times moms ask “what do we wear?”. The time of day and type of weather play a role in this decision, but I’m here to help!

Well, I love making your job easy and before every session I send a guide with support.  From helping you pick outfits from your closet (or mine) to suggesting places where you can purchase the dress or outfits of your dreams. I want to make this experience pleasurable and memorable. This way, you get to relax and enjoy your portrait session!

You can learn more about my Capture Magic pricing by clicking here.


Family Portrait Sessions – Magic in the Moment

father kissing daughter

Family Portrait Sessions

I believe that there is magic in every moment.

When I opened MAJECK, I knew that I didn’t want to just make a ton of money but to really learn about and celebrate the people I work with. Pictures are my most treasured possession – mostly because of my childhood. I wanted that magic to be captured in family portraits.

Pictures are Important

My oldest sister died when I was ten. It was sudden. It was tragic in that there was no warning at all. She contracted a parasite volunteering in a Turkish children’s hospital and died of a massive heart attack at just 26. She was 16 when I was born and then college and marriage kept her from being a daily presence in my life. As such, I have one distinctive, clear visual memory of her. I also have just one photo of her – my grandmother’s copy of her graduation portrait. Things like this shape your outlook of the world, or at least it shaped mine.

I’ve made sure my whole adult life to get into pictures at least once a year and to print them and display them. Sure, it is a digital age and selfies are Queen (slay, okay?) but those prints – they are tangible. I have also made sure to do giveaways ever since I opened to capture family portraits even for those who might not otherwise be able to afford the luxury. It is becoming a bit of a tradition to do this at the beginning of the year for me.

Last Year’s Family Portraits – the Winners

Last year’s giveaway winner was the D Family. It was amazing to get to have their session be my first for 2020 because it put everything in perspective! Their beautiful little girl with her red hair was the focal point of the family. Watching how Mom, Dad and sisters all worked to support this cutie, to keep her comfortable and happy during their family portraits was incredibly touching. A year later I can still hear the way they spoke to her and how each family member took on a role. Protector, comforter, Friend, Hair Stylist…

It was magical. And they now have family portraits on their property to remember these moments and their girls at these stages.

I am so excited to do it again!

This Year – Family Portrait – the Giveaway

As 2021 begins it is time to give away another Family Portrait session. As I travel between San Antonio, Deland (FL) and Colorado quite often the giveaway is open to people in any of these locations!

First Place – A Capture Magic Family Portrait session with a gallery of 30 images and 15 downloads.
Second Place – 25% off of a Capture Magic Session!

Plus! One entry who chooses to book a session by 1/31 will be selected to win a 16×12 canvas from their session.

Step One – Entry

To enter, fill out the entry form with a story about your family that may be posted to Social Media along with a picture. Tell me how long it has been since you had portraits, about how you met or anything that you feel like sharing.

Due Date – January 10th

Step Two – On January 11th I will post all entries in an album on my Facebook Page and voting will start. Be sure to like/follow the page so that you can participate in voting!

Step Three – Share your entry and vote!

Step Four – The Entry with the most reactions will win – Giveaway ends on January 18th and the winner will be announced at 8pm MST.

*All sessions must be used by 12/31/21 and are subject to scheduling with MAJECK.

Mary Elizabeth is a photographer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado who travels wherever the story takes her. In 2020, her work was featured in Brides of Houston and multiple digital magazines.